Why Tabjay Doesn’t Drag and Drop

Why Tabjay is Different

You’re not building a library.

In Tabjay, you may feel the urge to drag workspaces and link to organize them, like you can in some other tools. But unlike other tools, Tabjay wasn’t designed for building yet-another library of resources.

Building a library – creating folder hierarchies, manually ordering information, and devising and applying labels – is both difficult and time consuming. And it doesn’t directly help you find the information you need for the thing you’re working on right now. If you use a library tool, such as Google Drive, Sharepoint, or Confluence you understand how frustrating it can be to find information.

Instead, Tabjay is task centric, so to access the information you need, simply switch to the workspace that supports the thing you’re doing next. Tabjay doesn’t want you to spend valuable time organizing information, which includes dragging and dropping things around.

In fact, Tabjay feels so strongly about this, Tabjay makes a zero-admin promise.