What Tabjay Does

What Tabjay Does

Tabjay helps you gather and share information to get things done

Use Tabjay for work tasks, personal or school projects, or anything that involves your internet browser. With Tabjay, there’s no more hunting for the same information over and over, or drowning in too much information.

Unlike other tools, Tabjay is not a library for organizing everything. It's task centric. Just create a workspace for each task you're working on. (The more bite-sized the task, the better.) Then, in each workspace, simply add links to the information needed for the task, and nothing more.

Because it's task based, switching gears is easy. Just choose the appropriate workspace. No more wasting time wondering where to look, or managing browser tabs or bookmarks. With Tabjay, you can confidently close all those browser tabs.

In Tabjay, links can point to any system or app, including ane ything on the internet. And to make gathering information a snap, Tabjay’s browser extension lets you add links from wherever you are on the internet. You can also add links in Tabjay from your open browser tabs.

Sharing with teammates, friends, or family is easy: simply send links to view or edit a workspace.

Finally, with Tabjay, you leave information where it is, so there are no migration or security headaches. In fact, Tabjay aims to be headache-free with a zero-admin promise.

Get Tabjay and always have the information you need for whatever you’re working on.