Why Tabjay Doesn't Have Deep Folder Hierarchies

hy Tabjay Doesn’t Have Deep Folder Hierarchies

You’re not building a library.

In a library-based world, in theory, every piece of information tucks neatly into its place in an easy-to-use hierarchy. In reality, this isn't the case for several reasons.

First, there are many ways to organize a hierarchy: by topic, department, function, etc. But you have to pick one, so your folder hierarchy reflects a single perspective. To get around this, labels are often used, but labels add many problems of their own.

Second, any given piece of information has to be put somewhere in the hierarchy. But often one piece of information logically belongs in many places, so what you need is frequently not where you are looking.

Third, over time more information gets added. This makes finding things more difficult because the information you need is drowning in a sea of irrelevant information.

Fourth, removing information is dangerous, because it's hard to know when it's no longer needed. So garbage accumulates and further obscures what you need.

Fifth, most organizations use many different tools, so simply knowing where to start looking can be challenging.

Finally, designing and maintaining folder hierarchies is a lot of work.

Instead of being folder based, Tabjay is designed to be task centric. Because getting things done is much better than struggling with folders.