Why Tabjay is Different

Why Tabjay is Different

Tabjay is not another library tool

All our lives we’ve been trained to think in terms of libraries. Folders. Google Drive. Box or Dropbox. Sharepoint. Bookmark managers. On and on. Folders everywhere.

Problem is: top-down, organize-everything approaches require a lot of work to set up, and then constant maintenance to prevent everything devolving into a giant mess.

Even if you stay vigilant, there’s the problem of where to file something. Often, one item belongs in multiple folders, but doing so creates duplication and invites things getting out of sync. But putting it in one place means you might not be able to find it where you would expect it later.

Often, as folders become problematic, labels are used. Which adds another layer of complexity and maintenance, and usually gets even messier than folders.

To make matters worse, most of us have to deal with several libraries. Then there’s the broader internet, which you can think of as a giant, unorganized library. So even knowing where to look can be a challenge.

The real problem is that libraries are designed to hold everything. But to get something done, you don’t need everything. You only need the information relevant to what you’re doing.

And that’s exactly what Tabjay gives you..