The information you need for the task you’re doing.

All the links you need right now
Instantly drop into the right information for whatever you’re working on.
Confidence to close your browser tabs
Stop juggling countless windows and managing bookmarks.
Freedom to switch tasks as you need to
No more re-finding the same links, or drowning in too much information.
Information organized by task
No folder or label management, ever. Just add links for what you’re doing.
Tools to gather as you surf
Tabjay’s browser extension makes it easy to add links to your tasks.
Information stays where it is
No migration headaches or changes to existing security settings.
Personal (free)
Always free
Unlimited tasks for personal, household, school, community, and volunteer projects
Billed monthly / $6 per user
Ad-free for solo businesses, freelancers, and deadline-driven project collaborations.
Billed monthly / $12 per user
Frequent projects with coworkers, multiple editors, and larger groups of collaborators.

For larger ecosytems needing centralized account & user management, SAML, user groups & provisioning, as well as control of employee-generated data.

Just the information needed for what you’re doing right now.

After two decades of helping companies find, share, and organize information, we found nothing to meet this simple need.