Think Differently to Succeed with Tabjay

Think Differently to Succeed with Tabjay

To use Tabjay effectively, we have to reprogram our brains away from library thinking, breaking habits that many of us have learned practically since birth.

Tabjay will not help you create another giant library that attempts to organize everything. Organizing effectively is hard and takes too much time. And it requires constant effort. Otherwise, it quickly becomes a mess. Finally, your ideas for organization don’t necessarily match each of your teammates.

Instead, Tabjay is designed to let you focus on the task at hand.

This means:

Instead, you should:

  • Create workspaces for each task, the more granular, the better
  • Add information links to as many workspaces as you think useful
  • Install the Tabjay browser extension
  • Share workspaces freely
  • Mark links and workspaces complete to get them out of your way

That's all there is to it. It's simple in theory, but breaking old habits can take practice. Learn to recognize and stop library thinking, and discover how easy managing your information can be with Tabjay.