Replace Browser Tab Management

Instead of managing cluttered browser tabs across multiple devices, why not try a visual, intuitive, and far easier way to manage them all?

Tabjay replaces the need to save and organize tab overload through a single digital workspace accessible from anywhere. It allows you to easily collaborate with others as well. Think Pinterest for information, pinning webpages instead of images. All you’ll need is a single tab.

Make fewer clicks, and stop wasting precious time, and replace browser tabs completely!

Never Worry About Tab Recovery Again

  • All webpages you save, organized by Topics and Activities within your workspace, will automatically save to the cloud.
  • Reopen these pages quickly while replacing separate tabs, often unsynced, across devices like your Mac or PC, Android phone/iPhone, or tablet.
  • In case you do close a tab accidentally, you’ll never have to go through your browser history to find it again.

Massively Speed Up Your CPU

  • Despite using modern web browsers like Google’s Chrome or Firefox, even more than just several tabs will quickly slow your computer to a crawl, hogging memory.
  • Reducing the number of tabs to fix this or resetting them all to restore later, yet possibly forgetting valuable information in the process, is now a thing of the past.

Simplify Your Workflow

  • Avoid installing and managing browser extensions to solve this problem only slightly better.
  • Eliminate the need to learn intricate keyboard shortcuts for switching between tabs.
  • Tabjay replaces session management involving tab grouping and rearrangement through advanced search functions and a more natural user interface that previews content. No longer struggle to find tabs again.
  • Workspaces in Tabjay replace the need to be reminded of unfinished tasks through tabs.

Collaborate With Teams Remotely

  • Tabs exist in a silo by default, not easy to share and only viewable by yourself.
  • Invite people to your workspace with different levels of access.
  • Simplify collaboration with fewer tools.

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