A Visual App for Sharing and Saving Links Quickly

You need a single place for both saving and sharing interesting links.

Instead of tracking links across multiple devices as bookmarks though, why not try a visual, intuitive, and far easier way to manage and organize everything online?

Tabjay is the best way to save, organize, and manage infomration through a single digital workspace accessible from anywhere you can access a website. It allows you to easily collaborate with family, friends, and even work colleagues. Think Pinterest for information, adding link to webpages instead of images.

Built to Save and Share

We may try to share links through a quick hack solution like Google Doc. Perhaps we resort to searching Google to hopefully find what we need again. If sent via email, they are hard to find and require additional emails to update.

Secure Link Sharing

  • Instead of downloading information from the link you save, the content remains there.
  • Maintain privacy by only inviting people to your workspace with different levels of access, collaborating as desired.

Avoid Complications

  • Current link sharing options like Dropbox, Google Drive, or iCloud require more steps to set up and often require that all users own that technology, making it anything but accessible and quick. Tabjay is task-oriented, allowing you to jump right in.
  • Many devices like Samsung have built-in ways to share or transfer large files. However, this is meant for one-time use and doesn’t save that content to revisit or read later. Many end up disabling these features as they become more of a nuisance.

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