An Online Visual Tool to Organize Files

Is There a Better Way?

Most of us use bookmarks in our browser or perhaps try sorting and rearranging our Mac or PC’s desktop folders to tidy up our digital resources.

However, for files you need to access throughout a professional or personal project, a tool that allows you to manage them “on-the-fly,” automatically, should work best… but this doesn’t exist, until now.

Organize Effortlessly

You don’t need to learn a system or get ideas on how to organize your files and folders… let Tabjay’s smart navigation take care of this “behind the scenes.” Add links to information and organize different projects effortlessly by assigning topics and activities to your workspaces.

Save Disk Space

There’s no need to download files to your computer, save or synchronize resources anymore, just add the links pointing to them to a Tabjay workspace.

Try Tabjay’s intuitive software with a drag-and-drop interface, a visual way to achieve file organization. Leverage smart navigation and search logic that will save you time and energy.

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