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Create workspaces
In Tabjay, create a workspace for every task on your plate. Each workspace has a topic (what you’re working on) and an activity (what you’re doing for that topic).
Add links
Within a workspace, add links to the information you need. Each link can be added to multiple workspaces. And be sure to get Tabjay’s browser extension to make adding links super easy.
Share with teammates
Workspaces can be shared with teammates by sending invites with edit or view-only permissions. Teammates can also share their permissions to a workspace with others.
Each workspace can optionally be given a due date. You can sort workspaces by due date, and see which teammates have finished their part and what’s past due.
Get things done
Pick a workspace to get focused, and then use the linked information to complete the task. When done, mark workspaces and links complete so they stay out of your way.
Learn from others
Within your organization, share and discover related workspaces to find useful information and connect with people doing similar work.